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Individually hand crafted and hand painted single stem bud vase. 


I paint each Vera with her own, vintage inspired, dress design.

The vases are glazed internally and to give them beautiful shiny hair, the rest of the vase is left with a matt finish.

Size approximately 14.5cm high and 5cm wide at the base.


Vera Vases are all made from high temperature fired porcelain stoneware, so they are strong as well as beautiful. 


Each vase comes with her own handmade, protective, liberty fabric, drawstring bag which keeps her snug on her travels and can be used as an environmentally friendly gift bag! 


*I use lots of different beautiful Liberty fabrics to make the bags and I will choose one to suit your Vera, it may, therefore, be different from the one shown in the example photograph, but it will be equally gorgeous!

Vera Vase - Effie


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