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Individually hand-carved vase with trees that appear to grow from the surface into delicate handles.


These vases can be ordered on a commission bases. They can be day or night and have either my Leaping Hare, Sneaky Fox or my Cheeky Blackbird as the main character. There is a 5-6 week lead time on these vases but I will make them as soon as possible and keep you updated along the way!


The illustration is carved, through a layer of black slip, to reveal the white clay surface beneath, using a method called 'sgraffito'. The style is reminiscent of linocut graphical work. Each vase is entirely unique and takes around 8 hours of carving but the finished vase has a beautiful, tactile, 'relief' surface.


White earthenware clay - black slip - transparent glaze.


Size: approx 210mm tall x 190mm wide.

Leaping Hare Vase

5-6 weeks from order

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