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Hi, I'm Heather!

Thanks so much for stopping by...

I discovered my love of clay later than I would have liked but I've always been the creative type! After attending art school, followed by a degree in Packaging Design, I worked in the toy and gift industry for many years. A varied career, that even took me to live in Hong Kong before I met my, now, husband and eventually settled back in England in the beautiful countryside of East Yorkshire.

I always felt a little frustrated in my career in design, that I couldn't fully express my creativity, always working to a brief!

I wanted to be free and just 'make stuff'... 'Learn to throw a pot' was No.1 on my wish list and as soon as I sat at the wheel, with the clay silkily spinning between my fingers, I was hooked! Now, a few years on, ceramics is my full-time business and passion. I feel extremely lucky and happy to be able to spend so much of my time doing something that I love so much.​ The entire process, from a sticky lump of mud to a beautiful piece of finished ceramic, is thrilling, challenging, and utterly addictive!

My work is inspired by the softly undulating grassy uplands, secret valleys, and time-forgotten woodlands of the Yorkshire Wolds. Reflecting the seasonal plant life and intriguing creatures that live in the tranquil countryside that surrounds my home.

I also enjoy creating pieces that, hopefully, will make people smile.

Our Village.jpeg
Pottery in the garden.jpeg
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