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These are very special mugs and each one is an individual.

Each of the feathers has been hand-painted and is unique.

A hand-made mug is a really wonderful thing. Mugs are the only bit of pottery you will ever cuddle up with on the sofa, and bring to your lips in a kiss, and it will last for 100's of years if treated kindly! We all have our favourite and this is usually the way the handle feels in your hand, or the rounded softness to the curved side.

I 'throw' these mugs on the potters wheel using a creamy ivory stoneware clay. I then hand 'pull' each handle, a method that creates a handle with a lovely dimple in the centre to rest your thumb and feels comfortable in the hand. 

Once the mug has fully dried I paint the feather, using a mix of oxides and underglaze pigments, from a study of a real feather that I have collected on my walks in the Yorkshire countryside.

These mugs won't fade, as printed & mass produced mugs do, the painted artwork is safely fired and sealed beneath the clear strong stoneware glaze.

The mug you will receive is the actual mug shown in the first picture.


Size: h: 75mm x w: 95mm + handle approx


Handmade - Unique - Beautiful

Small Feather Mug No2 (Ivory)


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