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Introducing Little Salty!


Salty is a sea-dog

He's sailed the oceans wide

His eyes are wise and thoughtful

As he gazes at the tide...


Salty's body is made from white stoneware clay which I throw on the potters wheel, I then hand-build his head, arms and legs. After his first firing I hand-paint each figure individually, including all his many tiny tattoo's! I then glaze his pipe, shoes and little rosy cheeks, before the second firing.


Salty's legs are decorated and attached inside with a grey velvet ribbon so that they dangle below his body and he pings like a little bell!


A perfect, special and truly unique gift!


He makes everyone happy that has ever met him!


Height 9.5cm tall x 5.5cm wide (Size quoted does not include the hanging ribbon :)


All the items in my shop are handmade by me and individual.

Little Salty (special edition)


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