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The Smoke-House is a beautiful little incense cone burner.

These houses have been individually hand-built from a speckled stoneware clay and hand glazed using a sage grey glaze.

Size: The houses are approximately 8cm tall x 5cm wide and 5cm deep.

Each house comes complete with the little base to stand the cone on and 3 incense cones to get you started! 

Smoke House (Sage Grey)

  • Simply light an incense cone and, after allowing a few seconds for the cone-burn to get going, blow out the flame and place it on the base. Ensure the cone is burning well before putting the little house over the top. Instantly the smoke will billow from the chimney in a truly magical way.

    I recommend the use of japanese insense cones - I have tried a few differnt types and these are by far the best for burn and scent.

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